I am often asked what is it about typography that I love so much. The thing about me is that I am a very intuitive designer. A lot of the design decisions I make are based on intuition. This is a personality trait where I rely very heavily on the gut feeling. On introspection I... Continue Reading →


Typography and packaging are my two most favourite things, and to see them together like this is just divine!  I visited a huge wine shop in Delaware, and some of the packaging was spectacular.  In fact alchohol package is one project I really want to work on! Seems like the design aesthetic in the industry... Continue Reading →

Lolli & Pops

Visited this AMAZING candy store in Philadelphia–Lolli and Pops! Chocolate + Awesome Typography, It doesn't get better than this .... While the design is fantastic, what really wowed me was the production and the attention to detail! This client seems like a designer's dream come true. From foiling to embossing, to embroidery,  and even large... Continue Reading →

Egon Sans

I absolutely love the form of the lowercase "g" of the Egon sans designed by TipografiaRamis    established in 2004 by Ramiz Guseynov. 

The Movable books of Letterforms

I keep looking for new things to share with my students and I came across this fantastic book by Kevin Steele called The Movable books of Letterforms.     The concepts of typography are so beautifully explained in this pop up book! Every page has been a delight, but my absolute favourites are the ones with the... Continue Reading →


This one goes out to all my students..a word they swear by, especially when the absolute obvious is pointed out...   beautifully designed by Hylton Warburton an illustrator and designer from Durban, South Africa.

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