The interesting thing is, when I studied design, it wasn’t love at first sight, when it came to type. In fact I didn’t even pay that much attention to the typography as a student. I think the relationship started at a much more subconscious level (like most other things in my life.)

Ok, so lets take a step back, I did my graduation in Mass Media (advertising), and then went on to do my MBA in marketing. All long I felt like design was something I wanted to do, but, given that we talking a decade back, at that point it wasn’t really an acceptable career in India, especially for someone like me, who was out to prove my salt to the world.

When I started working in the corporate space, and I was ready to shoot myself is when I actually gave a serious thought to design. I realised it was now or never (again like most things in my life). While it may seem like an impulsive decision, it had been brewing under the surface for a while. So boldly, at the age of 25 I applied to Parsons NY and got into their AAS program (specifically for career changers), and, as expected, it was life changing. By far the best decision of my life.

So like I was saying, at that point typography exciting, but not the whole and soul of design for me. After working for a few years, I decided to try my hand at teaching, and applied to ISDI Parsons Mumbai. When I was making my application, I thought what is it that I can actually teach? So design software was one, but come on! I am so much more than that right… ? So thats when I actually looked at type, and oh my god! it was like a latent addiction that just burst to the surface, an all encompassing power that just consumed me. Ok, a little dramatic, I know, but the gravity of the realisation was huge!

Ever since, type has been at the forefront of every design piece I create. It’s kind of sad how little attention designers pay to type. I really care about and am very concerned about hygiene in design, I have not created anything earth shattering or revolutionary with type, yet, but man, just the basic right! I mean come on, how difficult is it to fix that goddam rag, and you really think widows and orphans are not a big deal?

Where I am at today, I just want to talk about type, share interesting things, random facts, anything and everything that excites me when it comes to typography.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love creating it!

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