Overtime I have realized my favorite part of typography is creating letterforms. The relationships of the different elements, the interactions the balancing of the weight, it’s almost therapeutic to sit for hours and create letterforms.

Off late I have been dabbling with letterforms from regional Indian scripts. It have opened up a whole new exciting unexplored world, there are not too many points of reference and each script has such a strong character of its own, it’s really fascinating.

This particular experiment I did was inspired from a phonetics and form class my mentor Anando Dutta conducted while I was teaching at ISDI. The premise of this class was that are the two related. So I did a minuscule experiment and took three scripts, Latin, Devanagari, and Gujarati and I created the letterform for the phonetic b. It was amazing! Initially I was looking it the is experiment from a design of letterform point of view, I wanted to create these three in a way that they look like they are from the same font family, and while doing this I realized how easy it was. All three letterforms have a strong circular shape that interacts with a strong vertical line! I think the next step should be to widen the pool and see across how many scripts the form and phonetics connect.

My mind is already swimming, is there a geographic component to it, is there a era component, I have to find out!

Meanwhile here are the three letterforms for B

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